Saturday, November 17, 2012

Awara 2012 Indian Bangla Movie Free Download

Awara 2012 Indian Bangla Movie Free Download

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The wrapping is almost Suryo, the 'Awara' and do gooder who falls in enjoy with Poulomi at original reach . The main impedimenta is her pal Indrajit who stays in Calcutta and who is equal a goon. Right when you thought winning reparation of him would understand Surjo's problem's, the existent problem starts and a sub draw becomes a big patch cum thing of the film. The picture becomes all virtually the rivalry of Indrajit and Tony,a dreaded don. It becomes a somebody of upmanship all along the way with a few characters feat bumped off. Suryo plays a safety strategy with Tony to end the rivalry and also win over ...

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